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Basic Preparation
It is the owner’s responsibilities prepare the vessel for transportation. Stow and secure all loose gear on deck and in the cabin. Remove anchors from the deck, disconnect batteries, lower and secure antennas. Remove or secure all canvas covers. Remove all electronics and lock cabin door. Drain all fuel and water tanks and remove any water from the bilge, remove drain plugs from the hull. Make sure all hatches and windows are secure. If your vessel is shrink-wrapped and the wrapping is breached during transport, it will be removed to prevent damage to the vessel; however the carrier will not be responsible for replacement. We will not accept responsibility for any damage due to vessels not properly prepared for shipment. If you are shipping your boat on its own trailer you will be responsibly for any trailer repairs, i.e. tires, axles, bearings or other structural trailer parts. The carrier cannot accept responsibility for damage cause by failure of your trailer parts. If break downs occur you may also be liable for lost travel time at $50 per hour and in extreme cases, lay days. Expect normal road dirt on the vessel.

 Vessel Specifications
The legal height of transporting over the road is 13’6”, your vessel loaded on our trailer. Our trailers have a 20” road clearance. Our permits do not allow us to move any vessel over 12’ wide. The load weight limit of our trailers is 12,000 pounds. The actually specifications of the load are check at each DOT Weight Station. In the event the vessel excides the owner stated specifications and the limitations of our permits, the DOT may impound the vessel until proper permits are in place. It will become the owner’s financial responsibility to get the vessel released and continues transportation to its destination.

Freight Charges
All freight charges are quoted according vessel specifications supplied by the owner. In the event that the actual specifications are different from owner supplied specifications, additional freight charges may be applicable. If delivery or pick up is delayed more than 1 hour there will be a $50 per hour waiting charge. If delays involve over night, a lay over fee of $300 will be due. With the exception of ramp to ramp service, it is the owner’s financial responsibility to load or unload the vessel to and from our trailer